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A tripod is essential for comfortable observations. Mount a spotting scope on a tripod to free your hands and stabilize a delivered image. A tripod eliminates vibrations and makes an image sharper. Here, you will find specialized and standard photography tripods.

What to pay attention to when picking a tripod for overhead shots?

Tripod head inclination angle. If you need a tripod for overhead shots, note the models with a wide angle of camera inclination in vertical and horizontal planes. The wider the inclination angle, the more the photographer’s options to take a great pic.

Tripod weight. If you are going to take a tripod with you on a trip, for example for wildlife photography, what is best is to pay attention to its weight. It should be noted that heavy tripods are usually more stable, and better absorb camera vibrations. To improve the stability of a light tripod, hang a bag with additional weight thereon.

Tripod type depending on its design. Different tripods are made for different conditions with various weights, dimensions and structures. A tripod is the most popular design comprising three legs with a central bar. A rotary head with a fixed camera or another device may be installed on it. A monopod uses only one bar as a support. The main advantage of a monopod is its light weight and small size.

Tripod type depending on the place of its installation. Tabletop tripods should be installed on a table, a stone or another even surface when shooting. The main advantages of such tripods: light weight, compact size, low price; they are perfect for macro photography. You can carry many tabletop tripods in your pocket because of their small size and light weight. But their main disadvantage is that it is not possible to shoot at significant height without an additional support. Floor tripods are the most popular type. They have a sufficient length and make it possible to shoot in any conditions, and so these tripods are the best suited for a mirrorless camera.