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This series includes products for children by a famous optical brand. It includes telescopes and microscopes for kids, planetariums, and various experiment kits designed for introducing kids to science and learning more about the world around us. These products are created taking into account the young age of the users and are convenient and easy-to-use.

Telescopes, binoculars and microscopes Bresser Junior for young explorers

Bresser Junior series of optical devices is designed specifically for children. Microscopes, telescopes and various sets to study the world around will both entertain and help with studies. The Bresser Junior series includes game sets, astro planetariums and sophisticated research devices.

Bresser Junior binoculars are small and light devices for children older than 4 years. With their help, a small child will be able to study the world around them in detail: nature, animals, birds, architecture and anything they desire. “Younger” models of the line use plastic optics, and “older” binoculars contain glass eyepieces transmitting sharp and clear images. Bresser Junior children’s binoculars are a great choice for a curious child.

Bresser Junior microscopes are state-of-the-art devices that will be of interest for both children and adults. State-of-the-art design, unique structural solutions, bright colours and, naturally, German quality of optics and assembly. Open all the secrets of the microworld to your children with Bresser.

Sets Bresser Junior – multiple handy things for the littlest ones. It will be much more interesting to study the world around with them. Magnifiers, insect boxes and multifunctional devices – many of them are developed for children older than 4 years.

Bresser Junior telescopes are designed for the youngest astronomers. These telescopes are not in any way inferior to their “adult” brothers. Telescopes are suitable for most astronomical observations.