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Today, many big city dwellers get into tourism. In any large store, you can buy a compass, tent, sleeping bag, and basically anything for active leisure time in the country. A classic compass is a reliable tool for orienting. It will never let you down, as it does not depend on batteries or a satellite signal. There is a variety of compasses in our online shop.

Tourist compasses: prices, descriptions and characteristics

A classic tourist compass is still in demand of travel and outdoor activity fans. It will be indispensable when travelling, hunting, fishing and competing in orienteering competitions. Our online shop features the widest model range. Here, you can easily pick and buy a tourist compass from different compasses suppliers, review different models, compare how much a compass is and check out all the innovations of tourist compasses.

There are several main types of state-of-the-art compasses: magnetic, liquid, electronic. A magnetic compass is the basic for all other models. It is simple and convenient to use, its price range is affordable. State-of-the-art models differ dramatically from their predecessors, but it seems in the materials and design only, and there are plenty of them.

Liquid compasses are used by professional sportspersons and have superior performance. Their main advantages are quick response and detection of direction, since a magnetised arrow is placed in a special liquid making it possible to quickly rotate and stop. Such models are deemed to be most reliable, precise and convenient.

Digital compasses are similar to state-of-the-art GPS-navigators and may be multifunctional. Their operation is based on satellite navigation, which requires presence of rechargeable batteries and ordinary batteries. This is possibly their only disadvantage, plus a higher price range. However, these devices are most accurate and convenient, include many additional functions, highly practical and handy in different situations. You can pick digital compass online at an attractive price.