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10.05.2018 An interesting new review on stereoscopic microscopes

Read the review and learn interesting facts about such microscopes

08.05.2018 Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope – a popular gift for First Communion!

Find a gift’s rating or watch a TV program about wonderful gifts for children

25.04.2018 The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing!

Vaeltajankauppa – a new Levenhuk dealer in Finland

19.04.2018 The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing! – a new Levenhuk dealer in Germany

17.04.2018 Get two Levenhuk binoculars for the price of one

Learn how to get compact Levenhuk Atom 8x21 Binoculars free of charge

09.04.2018 Snowflake photo taken with Levenhuk DTX 500 LCD Digital Microscope

Learn more about Levenhuk optical equipment

04.04.2018 An interesting new review “What can you see with a telescope”

Read the review and watch photos of the celestial objects you can see during space observations

29.03.2018 New Levenhuk Skyline Travel Telescope is already available!

A wonderful small lightweight refractor with a shortened tube

19.03.2018 A new useful review “Eye under a microscope: insects’ photo”

Find out how entertaining it is to study eyes for microbiologists

19.03.2018 Levenhuk keeps on conquering the European market

This month we welcome Fotodigital Vigevano – new Levenhuk dealer in Italy

16.03.2018 An interesting new review “How does hair look like under a microscope?”

Learn how different hair types appear under high magnification

14.03.2018 A useful new review for beginner microbiologists on what a microscope consists of

Read about the parts of an optical microscope

12.03.2018 New review “Telescope design” on our website

Learn about different types of telescope optical designs and their features

12.03.2018 A new review for explorers of the micro world

Learn about proper observing of a spider under a microscope

09.03.2018 The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing!

This month we welcome Emag – a new Levenhuk dealer in Poland

07.03.2018 New review “How to use a telescope” for beginner astronomers

Find a helpful step-by-step guide on setting up a telescope for the first time

06.03.2018 Useful new review on history of a refracting telescope

Find a useful new review on how the optical scheme of a refractor has changed over the years

05.03.2018 The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing

This month Levenhuk welcomes two new dealers in Hungary

05.03.2018 New interesting review on binoculars’ optical scheme history

Read a useful new review on the optical scheme of binoculars and how it has changed

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