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Optical and electronic instruments in this series are designed according to a joint project by the National Geographic scientific and educational organizations and Bresser, a German manufacturer of optical instruments. The Bresser company was chosen for cooperation due to high quality of products, brand awareness, and popularity on the market of optical products. This product line includes not only optical instruments, such as telescopes and binoculars, but also weather stations, radio, batteries, magnifiers, and more.

Bresser National Geographic – buy at the best price

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Bresser National Geographic means a well-known design, high-quality materials and convenience of use. The range includes both optics for adults and children and teenagers. You will definitely find a device for you to work, practice your hobby or study, among conventional optical devices of Bresser National Geographic (monoculars, telescopes, binoculars, microscopes). And unusual Bresser National Geographic gadgets (weather stations, solar radio, compasses, flashlights etc.) are an original gift.

Bresser National Geographic telescopes are great devices to discover and study the space for astronomy fans of all ages and levels of competence.

Bresser National Geographic series of microscopes include optical devices that are capable of making their owner enjoy new discoveries. This is a series of state-of-the-art and easy-to-master microscopes that will motivate you for new discoveries and learning all things new.

Bresser National Geographic binoculars are convenient and reliable field binoculars for all lovers of wildlife, tourists and hunters.