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A microscope is not only an instrument for professional research but also a learning method and a way to introduce kids to science. You can use a microscope at home or for professional tasks. The simplest models do not require any knowledge and include guidebooks for beginner researchers. More expensive and complicated microscopes can be used in professional laboratories in the fields of biological research, clinical diagnostics, criminal science, precise works, and more.

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With the growth of the technical progress simple light microscopes became more sophisticated and capable of greater abilities, and attained a lot of useful advanced features. Optical microscopes evolved in high-tech digital microscopes, 3D technology found its application in stereo microscopy, and all of these types of microscopes are widely used nowadays in all spheres of life. So it’s no wonder that microscopes have become very popular and in-demand optical tools and a lot of institutions (laboratories, schools, medical and educational institutions, etc.) as well as individual specialists and hobbyists want to buy microscopes. Aiming to satisfy that demand a lot of microscope shops have appeared, but if you are looking for the best microscopes, you should be careful and choose devices only of a trusted brand. In our online store you can buy a microscope directly from one of the largest manufacturers of optical equipment in the world. Shopping for microscopes at Levenhuk online store, you can be sure that you will get a quality and reliable optical instrument no matter what the microscope price is since we provide a wide price range of microscopes for sale and guarantee appropriate performance and completeness for every model.

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In the Levenhuk web store, you will find the widest choice of quality microscopes online for different prices: starting with toy-like microscopes for kids, continuing with more complex middle- and high school microscope models and ending with digital and sophisticated microscopes for scientific research.