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Magnifiers come in handy for a wide range of precise works. Here, you can buy a proper magnifying glass for any activity. A handheld optical magnifier is suitable for reading small font text. Headband magnifiers are indispensable for repair works. You will also find digital, pocket and table magnifiers, and models with LED illumination in our online store.

Quality magnifying glass for attractive price – stylish design, quality views, ample choice

If you like collecting and studying insects, or if needlework is your hobby, these hand held magnifiers will be an indispensable accessory for you. And if you are looking for reading magnifying glass which will make reading books, magazines and newspapers more comfortable – here they are – we have a wide range of great magnifiers for reading!

Magnifiers will also be very helpful if your vision is not good enough when it comes to reading small print books. These vision magnifiers will make reading even more comfortable and enjoyable.

All Levenhuk hand magnifiers have built-in LED lights so you will be able to use them even in dimly lit areas. The lights evenly illuminate the work surface and do not cause eye fatigue during long work as opposed to working with simple glass magnifiers. Moreover, these lighted hand lens will serve you for a really long period of time, so the prices for them are very attractive.

The assortment includes classic handheld magnifiers, for example Levenhuk Zeno 100. If you need free hands when doing needlework or some other activity involving small elements, consider Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED stand magnifier. The range also includes a convenient wallet-size model (Levenhuk Zeno 90) and our new round shape Levenhuk Zeno 900 LED magnifying glass. Use our convenient catalogue (the right sidebar) to sort the magnifying lenses depending on price and your specific needs. Magnifiers also differ by illumination – here you can find LED magnifiers as well as unilluminated magnifiers for reading.

In our online shop, you can buy any kind of magnifiers and loupes that meets all your needs. Every magnifier has well-thought-out ergonomic design, is made of high-quality materials and comes with all necessary accessories such as cleaning tools and a storage case.