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Present an astroplanetarium to a kid who enjoys observing the night sky. The beauty of the starry sky also impresses adults, that is why it will be a perfect gift for their parents as well. This device has a working principle of a projector. All you have to do is to point it toward a light surface, ceiling, or wall will do. Built-in engines rotate this device imitating the rotation of the celestial sphere, and also the program can project shooting stars. Observe the stars even on a cloudy day!

Essentially, a planetarium is a powerful projector that projects a star sky map on the ceiling and walls of the room (will all space bodies, phenomena and constellations seen from the Earth). The projection is highly detailed and realistic. What’s interesting, it is not at all static, but may demonstrate animated objects (shooting stars, Earth revolving on its axis, etc.).

A planetarium may have a different shape or design, but its functions are usually the same. If you decided to buy astroplanetariums, a box would contain a planetarium, a power supply device (such as a network adapter or ordinary batteries, depending on the model), a manual and disks. In our online shop, you can pick astroplanetariums at attractive prices.

Additional home planetarium functions that may be handy

  • support of replaceable projection disks – if a planetarium allows to change disks, it means it can project different images, which considerably expands the area of its use;
  • auto-off timer is especially useful for models with autonomous power supply, since it prevents spending battery charge, when you fall asleep looking at the star sky projection;
  • demonstration of animated light shows – a function designed purely for relaxation, which will not help in studying astronomy in any way, but it is really nice to watch the Polar light;
  • sound effect – some astroplanetariums suppliers build in an audio player or a radio into a home planetarium, which makes it an effective device to help children and adults to fall asleep.