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Compass with a floating dial scale, sighting slot and built-in illumination

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Levenhuk DC65 Compass is the perfect choice for travelers and camping fans. It easily helps you find your position or orientation on a map. This is a fluid compass; that is why its needle stops much faster than in regular compasses. The dial has two scales: degrees and mils (a mil is a thousandth of an inch, or about 25.4μm), and cardinal points are marked with large, easily readable letters. At twilight or in the dark you can illuminate the dial with built-in LEDs – just push a knob located right on the compass body.

A sight slot on the cover of the compass and a magnifying lens with a sight notch above it allow you to determine the direction with high accuracy. A thumb loop near the sight notch is used for holding the compass in position. The side edges of the compass are graduated with scale bars for operating with maps.

The illumination is powered by one battery (included).

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