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Magnification: 20x. Objective lens diameter: 100 mm

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In the right place – stunning views for your guests

Omegon coin-operated sightseeing binoculars

Are you looking for a guest attraction which offers a great view? Such a ‘sightseeing’ instrument works like a magnet – offering your visitors a fantastic view and giving you the chance to increase your profits!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 20X magnification and 100mm lenses – a bright and high-contrast image even in bad light
  • Robust instrument made of thick-walled aluminium
  • Coin slot operated – amount to pay and time interval both freely selectable, any type of coin (currency) is possible - required: diameter of the coin 18 to 29 mm and thickness 1.2 to 3 mm
  • Achromatic lenses – fully multi-coated lenses, refractor system for clearer images
  • Panoramic view – instrument swivels by 300° and rotates in altitude by -45° to + 65°
  • For children and adults (also for spectacle wearers) - viewing height 1465mm (step available as optional extra)
  • With robust column for mounting on a foundation

Sightseeing binoculars – marvel at the view with 20X magnification

Your guests will be amazed at what they discover with this instrument. Craggy rock faces, ibexes or perhaps a ship far out to sea – the 20X magnification means your guests will see everything up close. An object 5 kilometres away will look like it is only 250 metres away, letting your guests experience a fascinating view even closer.

Sunny or overcast, the view remains great – 100mm lens aperture

When the sun is out everything looks great. But what if it’s cloudy, or dusk is approaching? Omegon sightseeing binoculars succeed where others fail thanks to their 100mm aperture lenses which provide a bright image even in bad light or at dusk. This optics collects 204 times more light than the naked eye alone, and that means your guests can keep on observing and feeding the instrument with coins for longer.

Coin-operated – a view for money

The Omegon Bonview 20x100 is coin-operated. The user inserts a 50 cent coin into the machine and is allowed to look through the instrument for two minutes. If you want to change this standard settings, you can also choose another coin denomination yourself. Or you can set the time allowed for how long the instrument can be looked through per inserted coin.

300 degrees panoramic view

Situated in a panoramic location, this instrument offers a wonderful 300° all-round view in azimuth. It can also look up to mountains or down into valleys from where it is located - the 45° view downwards and 65° view upwards means everything that is important for terrestrial viewing can be seen.

Comfortable to use - also for spectacle wearers

More than 50% of the population wears glasses, and this has been considered in the design of the Omegon sightseeing binoculars. Spectacle wearers will also be able to enjoy a clear and comfortable view through the instrument – the 21.5mm of eye relief provided means spectacle wearers can take in the entire 3.5° field of view.

Complete with column - ready to be installed

The instrument consists of the optics, the coin mechanism and a heavy-duty column. You do not have to worry about its assembly as all the elements fit together perfectly – you simply attach the column to a prepared foundation with the included heavy-duty anchor. The instrument has a viewing height of 1465mm when aimed at the horizon – established as being the perfect height for adults and children to look through such an instrument.

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