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Working distance 200 meters. 3x magnification

VAT included
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Omegon Night Eye 3x42 night vision device - your eye for the night

As everyone knows, the human eye sees very badly at night. At a certain level of darkness, we can only perceive grey blurred contours. The Omegon Night Eye 3x42 night vision device lets you see at night - even in absolute darkness.

Switch it on and you are all set

As soon as it is dark, you can start observing with the Night Eye. Simply turn it one and a green image will appear showing every detail. Discover, for example, deer at the forest's edge or other nocturnal animals. You will simply not believe the wildlife that is usually concealed by the night.

Residual light and absolute darkness

The Night Eye is a first generation residual light amplifier and works with an image converter which increases the light intensity by around 1000 times. When observing you are almost always using existing residual light, so observing is possible up to around 200 metres away. But even if it is completely dark you can still able to observe, as an IR light amplifier is available at the push of a button. Under these conditions, objects can be observed up in 30 meters away.

Compact and robust

The Night Eye 3x42 is compact and may be operated with only one hand. The black rubber armour protects the device and provides a safe grip for your hand. The Night Eye can be attached to a tripod for longer observing sessions. It has two 1/4" tripod threads available for each use with any standard camera tripod.

The advantages at a glance:

  • residual light amplifier for the seeing at night
  • animals and objects are clearly recognisable
  • distance visible 200 metres
  • built-in IR amplifier for absolute darkness:
  • 3X magnification
  • fast aperture with 42mm objective lens diameter
  • adjustable focus (up to 4dpt)
  • 3V power source: CR123A battery (not included)
  • soft carrying bag with shoulder strap and belt buckle

The scope of delivery often does not includes batteries or, if included, only low-quality batteries. These cannot be replaced under warranty. To avoid being disappointed the very first time you use the equipment, we recommend you order suitable batteries at the same time you order the equipment. Especially for equipment that is used outdoors, we recommend the use of high quality brand-name batteries. Lithium batteries are to be preferred, as these lose hardly any of their charge during prolonged storage and also do not lose performance in cold temperatures.

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