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Special deal on Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium

Levenhuk LabZZ F3 Flashlight (€9.95 value) comes absolutely FREE with the purchase of Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium. This practical flashlight is an irreplaceable accessory in kids’ games and a helpful source of light in nighttime. Its durable metal body provides long safe use.

Levenhuk LabZZ F3 Flashlight will help a kid explore dark rooms or mysterious ruins, or orient in darkness outdoors. This tool will help you to illuminate the road and to get your bearings in darkness. A 3W LED bulb provides bright and even illumination. To turn it on, just push the power button on the top of the shell. The sturdy metal shell has a clip to attach it to your belt. For power supply, the flashlight needs just one AA battery (not included).

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Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium

Database: about 10,000 stored observed objects. Rotating projections

Both adults and kids will love Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium. You can observe the night sky in a city apartment in any weather with this compact tool. Just turn off the light, close the curtains, and turn on the a...More
59,95 €
VAT included

Please note that this special offer can’t be combined with other special offers and discounts available on the website.

Hurry, this special offer expires October 26, 2020.

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