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We have launched a new version of our website at!


Dear customers and visitors,

We have redesigned our website and the users’ personal accounts. The website has become more modern and intuitive for a smoother, effortless user experience. Here are all of the new features:

  • Entirely redesigned main page. The main page now has a selection of products by application and special promotions.
  • New product catalog. The catalog now lets you select both the brand and product type, which simplifies navigation (select “see all catalogue” and click the “brands” tab).
  • Order information. We have color-coded your order status updates and added photo previews to simplify order history navigation. Now, there is no need to open each order in a separate tab: The list will provide complete information for any order.
  • Promotions and deals. An updated list of promotions and special offers will appear in your personal account.
  • Wish list. You can now sign up to get updates on “out of stock” and “coming soon” products. Each product can be added to your wish list, and you’ll get an email notification as soon as it’s available.

Please let us know what you think of the new design!

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