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New products from the Levenhuk MED series: new microscopy accessories


Microscope accessories designed specifically for the MED series models are on sale: eyepieces, darkfield condenser, calibration slides, and other accessories.

Eight models of eyepieces are available. High magnification models (16x and 20x) will enable you to conduct high magnification research. The main feature of the 10x eyepieces is the crosshairs, measuring scales, and reticles applied to the lenses, which make it easier to center and measure the samples under study. The classic 5x magnification eyepiece is also among the new products.

The eyepieces have the common diameters of 23.2mm and 30mm, which helps you choose the right one for any modern microscope. Thanks to the high quality optics, these eyepieces will provide clear, detailed images without distortion. The aluminum body guarantees reliable lens protection and long service life.

Calibration slides are used to calibrate the image analysis program. They can be used with any brand of microscopes. A classic slide with one measuring axis as well as a slide with a measuring axis and additional circles is also among the new products.

Three more new items are accessories that will enable you to use different observation methods in research: darkfield, phase contrast, and polarized light.

All of the accessories for microscopes are available here.

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