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New: Levenhuk DTX DX50 Digital Magnifier with illumination


The Levenhuk website has expanded its product range with the Levenhuk DTX DX50 Digital Magnifier, which is for creatives, readers, and professionals who monitor the progress and quality of small jobs as well as seniors and people with low vision.

The digital magnifier has 5 magnification levels: 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32x. The device is equipped with LED illumination, making it easier to work with text and details in low or no light conditions.

The main feature of Levenhuk DTX DX50 is its camera function. It lets you instantly capture what you see, taking photos with one click of a button. The captured photographic materials can be stored on a memory card (installed by the user) or transferred to a computer using a cable. The camera itself has 2 operating modes with variable resolution: 1MP for close-range and 5MP for longer observation distances.

More information about the new product can be found on the product page:

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