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Levenhuk news: April 2024


We are pleased to share the latest news about the Levenhuk company and events that took place around the world.

New MAGUS products

  • Stereomicroscopes.These are designed for observing 3D objects and their structural detail with authentic volume and clarity of their surface. All of the models come with LED illuminators for transmitted and reflected light, work in brightfield, and support additional options for polarized light and darkfield methods. Greenough optical design. The new models feature binocular and trinocular heads.
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  • Microscope heads. A microscope head consists of an objective with a visual attachment and a pair of eyepieces with diopter adjustment and a long eye relief. The Greenough optical design comes with a pair of 10x eyepieces with diopter adjustment. The microscope head consists of a zoom objective and a binocular or trinocular tube.
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  • Universal stands with focus mounts. A stereomicroscope stand helps position the microscope head above its workbench. It can rotate or be balanced by a counterweight, providing several degrees of freedom. The microscope head is placed in the ring of the focus mount, which is then attached to the stand.
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  • Eyepieces with diopter adjustment. All of the new models have diopter adjustment and are specifically designed for stereomicroscopes. The eyepieces will be best suited for microscopes without a diopter adjustment ring on the eyepiece tube. An eyepiece with a scale is used to measure the object of study and its structure in linear units.
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  • C-mount adapters and auxiliary objective lenses. They are designed to facilitate the installation of a digital camera in the tube of a MAGUS trinocular microscope. The adapters’ magnification is 0.5x or 1x, and the focal length can be adjusted. Auxiliary objective lenses have a magnification of 0.5x, 1.5x, or 2x. They serve to change the magnification, working distance, and field of view of a stereomicroscope.
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  • Illuminators, mechanical stage, and devices for various contrast methods. Reflected light illuminators allow for lighting adjustment at a specific angle to achieve the right light and shade for your needs. The mechanical stage is designed for working in reflected and transmitted light. The darkfield condenser is used for gemological research: The detection and assessment of imperfections in precious, semi-precious, and ornamental stones.
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  • Levenhuk optical tech will be presented at the exhibition in Portugal. The EXPOMADEIRA 2024 exhibition will take place from July 5 to July 14. This is Madeira’s oldest and largest business fair. It is organized by the Association of Commerce and Industry of Funchal (ACIF).
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  • Levenhuk and MAGUS microscopes were presented at an exhibition in Italy. The DIDACTA 2024 exhibition took place in Florence on March 20-22 and brought together those working in the field of education. At the exhibition, we presented our brand’s digital and biological microscopes.
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Levenhuk around the world

Levenhuk is constantly growing and evolving by covering new territories, improving Levenhuk products and making them even better. “Levenhuk around the world” is exactly where you can find all of the most important and interesting news and publications about Levenhuk from all over the world.

Currently, high-quality Levenhuk optical products are already available in 42 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa.

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