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Ermenrich. Measuring tools brand redesign


We have launched a full-scale redesign of the Ermenrich measuring instruments brand. The updated banners and brand logo are already up on our website and this is just the beginning!

The popularity of our instruments is steadily growing, and so we recognized the need to make the brand even more ambitious and interesting. A well-known design studio created a completely new corporate style for us, updating all the elements of the brand identity.

What’s new


The slogan “dare to challenge” sparks action, inspires us to set goals of any scale, and then to achieve them. With Ermenrich tools, you can be sure that any challenge will be accepted, and every accepted challenge will be brought to the best result.


  • The fortress wall and heraldic shield remind you of the history of the brand.

  • The emblem also echoes an ancient tower, which projects durability, reliability, and quality.

  • Finally, the top of the sign is a rotated letter E, which is the first letter of the name Ermenrich.

  • The image of a bull is a symbol of courage and the will to win.


Package design

Gift boxes will have a bold and bright design; you will definitely not miss them among other products.

The first wave of products in the new design is expected in June!


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