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Binoculars from the new Levenhuk Guard PRO line are now on sale!


We are proud to present a new series of Levenhuk Guard PRO binoculars. These binoculars are designed for professional use over long distances. They are used for visual observations and have rangefinder functionality for estimating direct distance to an object located at a different height as well as horizontal distance and calculating angles. Binoculars are useful in hunting, rescue, and search operations, hiking, and other situations that require long-range observation and accurate information about the distance to an object.

The binoculars have a durable and lightweight design: They are made of light metals and equipped with coated optics. The devices have impressive capabilities for personal setup to suit the user’s requirements. Good magnification for field binoculars is combined with a field of view sufficient for areal surveys of an area.

The difference between the models is the maximum measuring range:

All Levenhuk binoculars can be found at this link.

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