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40 new Ermenrich products: electrical measuring equipment, testers, pyrometers, anemometers, lux meters, sound level meters, and thermohygrometers


We are happy to present the expansion of the Ermenrich measuring instruments line. Among the new products you will find clamp meters and multimeters, meters of environmental parameters (sound meters, anemometers, lux meters, etc.) as well as voltage testers and indicators. In total, 40 new products have gone on sale and can already be purchased on our website and from our partners.


With a digital multimeter, you can conduct comprehensive diagnostics of electrical circuits and equipment. This device combines the functions of several tools: two or three for basic models, ten or more for the most advanced ones. The most common functions of multimeters are: ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, and ringing tester. For professionals, the Ermenrich line includes models with the functions of a frequency meter, capacitance meter, thermocouple, diode and battery tester, and duty cycle meter.

Clamp meters

The main feature of clamp meter is the ability to measure current without breaking the electrical circuit. This distinguishes them from multimeters, which do not provide this function. The Ermenrich model range includes multifunctional clamp meters that are capable of determining not only current strength but also voltage, resistance, and a number of other parameters. It is worth mentioning the models that measure direct current.

Voltage testers

A voltage tester is an excellent assistant in everyday life and in professional work. It is used to draw up a wiring diagram and find breaks and breakdowns in electrical networks. The portable device does not take up much space and has simple controls.


Four new Ermenrich testers are designed to evaluate various parameters. One of them is used to check the insulation resistance of cables, the second one is used to test grounding, the third helps to check the quality of the installation of sockets, and the fourth evaluates the properties of a car’s brake fluid.


An infrared thermometer, or pyrometer, is a portable measuring device that determines the temperature of an object without direct contact with it. It is used to evaluate the condition of hazardous objects not recommended to be approached as well as for high- and low-temperature measurements in laboratories and factories as well as control of the technological processes.


A thermohygrometer is a two-in-one device. It measures temperature and humidity. Monitoring these indicators is necessary to maintain optimal working conditions in an office or on industrial premises as well as to control the microclimate in warehouses. Ermenrich thermohygrometers are suitable for both professional and domestic purposes.


An anemometer is used to measure the speed of air flow. This is necessary, for example, when checking the quality of ventilation systems. Ermenrich models include devices with only an anemometer function and devices with additional functionality (thermometer and hygrometer).


Another important production parameter to evaluate is the light level. To measure it, you need a luxmeter. With its help, you can check the premises for compliance with labor standards or specified production conditions.

Sound level meters

Noise pollution reduces labor productivity and interferes with everyday city life, and so the sound level needs to be monitored on industrial, office, or residential premises. For this, a portable device called a sound level meter is used.

You will find Ermenrich measuring instruments in this section.

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