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Bresser National Geographic 70/350 GOTO Telescope 70mm Refractor

Achromatic refractor with an auto-tracking system. Objective lens diameter (aperture): 70mm. Focal length: 350mm

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The Bresser National Geographic 70/350 GoTo Telescope with an auto-tracking system significantly reduces setup time, leaving more time for observations. Take this telescope with you wherever you go: hiking, camping or on a vacation. To start observations, just mount the instrument on a tripod or any flat surface. The database of this telescope stores about 272,000 objects. A refracting telescope with a 70mm wide-angle achromatic lens, 350mm focal length, and 17.5–35x magnification will show you lunar craters, the cloud belts on Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and many other fascinating objects.

The kit includes:

  • Bresser National Geographic 70/350 GOTO Telescope 70mm Refractor
  • Eyepieces: 10mm, 20mm
  • Compass
  • Moon filter
  • Rotatable star chart
  • Auto-tracking system
  • Handbox
  • Planetarium software
  • Aluminum tripod with accessory tray
  • User manual and 5-year warranty
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