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Most of the spotting scopes are designed for terrestrial observations but they provide up to 100x magnification. That is why spotting scopes are used for observing distant objects. The compact sizes of a spyglass allow for their convenient transportation. In addition, high-aperture models can be compared to telescopes and deliver the stars to you in good quality.

Quality spotting scopes online in Levenhuk optical equipment shop

If you love hiking, traveling, birdwatching and any other active outdoor pursuit, then you might already have some optical instrument that helps you get a clearer view of nature and its inhabitants, or, for example, urban architecture. If you already have a monocular or pair of binoculars, but no longer feel satisfied with their capabilities, you are on the right page. This catalog section contains a wide choice of quality spotting scopes – perfect instruments for outdoor enthusiasts! Spotting scopes provide higher magnification power – that means you will be able to get a closer view, and more detailed images of observed objects. Spyglass from a Levenhuk supplier have compact dimensions and are lightweight, so you won’t have any problems with storage and transportation.

Spotting scopes are generally assessed by the highest magnification. This is a very important parameter indeed, but you can’t but note the need to assess other characteristics as well, the most important being the lens diameter. The larger the lens diameter is, the more light that a scope is capable of using to generate a final image. The more magnification you use, the higher the degree of importance this parameter is. Other important parameters are also the eyepoint diameter, focus distance and true viewing field angle. If you plan to observe in nature, waterproof spotting scopes are to be preferred. Such models are resistant to rain, snow or fog. Buy spyglass by leading global manufacturers in the Levenhuk online shop. If you clearly define the required level of specifications, you will definitely make the best choice.