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This section is dedicated to NVDs – devices for night hunting, reconnaissance, and security. Based on digital converters, they perform well under various lighting conditions and can be used not only in complete darkness but also for daytime observation as regular monoculars and binoculars. Night vision devices have recorders for recording photos and videos on a memory card. Some models are equipped with tripods.

The best choice of night vision binoculars, monoculars, goggles

Night vision binoculars are the most convenient optical device for night observations. Large aperture optics help to use such devices not only under poor light conditions, but in complete darkness as well. Infrared lighting helps to illuminate an observation object with no other sources of light available. The use of two eyepieces considerably reduces eye strain and makes it possible to comfortably use the device for prolonged observations. Equipped with a bright light protection. Night vision binoculars may also work in complete darkness, but two eyepieces considerably improve comfort of use, enabling long observations. Night vision binoculars are best suited for professional security guards, hunters and rescuers.

If you need total freedom of movement for night observations, then night vision goggles are the best choice. Such device will come in handy in many situations: driving a vehicle under poor light conditions, night water manoeuvres, astronomical and observations. Goggles include no magnification for more comfortable movement, and high-quality panoramic image is provided by optics. Night vision goggles are light, so they won’t restrict your motion. Reliable fixtures warrant proper operation of the device even in the most extreme situations.

This category of the section features night vision monoculars. These are the most comfortable when used for observations from a tripod or held in the hands for a short period of time. Thanks to their small size, monoculars won’t be a burden on the way or in a long trip. Furthermore, these devices have a large magnification range, IR-illumination and ergonomic body.