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For day and night observation. With a recorder. Magnification: 1–5x, digital

Design of the night vision device
1–5 (digital)
The magnification of the NVD is determined by the characteristics of the optics used in the device (objective lens and eyepiece) and the magnification of the converter
Image intensifier tube (IIT) amplifies weak light signals and converts them into an image thereby making it possible to observe in low or dark light conditions

Product ID 81366
Brand Ermenrich
Warranty 2 years
EAN 2400000051015
Package size (LxWxH) 23x22x7 cm
Shipping Weight 0.7 kg

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The Ermenrich NS200 digital night vision binoculars have a 300-meter detection range in total darkness. The device is equipped with a recorder for taking photos and videos and an IR illuminator that improves the visibility in low-light conditions or at night. The anti-glare technology makes it possible to use the device as regular binoculars during the day too. It is a great choice for night hunting, terrain-oriented reconnaissance, and camp protection.

The observation distance – 300 meters in total darkness

You can clearly see an area up to 300 meters in compete darkness. The built-in IR illumination with 7 levels of brightness enhances the performance of the night vision binoculars. The device easily adapts to environmental conditions with little or no light.

Built-in recorder for taking photos and videos

Other than being a perfect solution for nature and wildlife observations, these night vision binoculars are great for taking photos and videos with excellent image quality. The max resolution for photos is 4032x2520px and for video it is 1920x1080px (Full HD) at 30fps. The frame rate of 30fps allows for smoother feel of the footage.

Long-term performance without battery replacement

The ergonomically designed device provides more comfort and convenience during long observation periods. The control buttons are located right under your fingertips. The binoculars are easy to operate even with minimal effort. The device is powered by standard alkaline batteries with a single charge that can last from 5.5 up to 18 hours of continuous operation. The total run time of the device depends on the IR illumination capacity. To save battery power, the device has an Auto Screen Off and Power Off function.

The interface is available in several different languages.

Key features:

  • Magnification: 1–5x, digital
  • IR illumination with adjustable brightness
  • Detection range in total darkness: 300 meters
  • Full HD photo and video recording function
  • Tripod mountable

The kit includes:

  • Night vision device
  • User manual and warranty card
Product ID 81366
Brand Ermenrich
Warranty 2 years
EAN 2400000051015
Package size (LxWxH) 23x22x7 cm
Shipping Weight 0.7 kg
Type of night vision device binoculars
Magnification, x 1 — 5
Magnification, x 1–5 (digital)
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm 25
Aperture ratio 1:1.2
Angular field of view, ° 10
Detection range, m 250 — 300
Image intensifier yes
Display 2.4” TFT
Video format *.avi, 1920x1080px at 30fps; 1280x720px at 30fps
Image *.jpg, 10М (4032x2520px)/8М (3800x2160px)/5М (3200x1800px)/3М (2560x1440px)/VGA (640x480 px)
Memory Сlass 10, microSD up to 128GB
IR illuminator
Wavelength, nm 850
Power supply 6 AA batteries
Operating temperature range,°C −20...+60 (application); −30...+70 (storage)
Additional Auto Screen Off and Power Off, observation distance, m: 250–300 (in total darkness); 3~∞ (at dusk)
Illumination IR LEDs 3 W, 7 brightness levels
With zoom
Mounting on a tripod
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