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Functionality: thermometer, hygrometer

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The Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L20 thermohygrometer is a compact device for wall mounting. It registers the temperature and humidity levels in the room, recording the highest and lowest values. It also displays the trends, indicating changes in the weather parameters. This provides an excellent opportunity to monitor changes in the microclimate in a bedroom, a nursery, an office room, or a country house.

The screen of Levenhuk Wezzer BASE L20 displays the measurement readings. At the top of the screen, you can see the air humidity with its limit values for the past day; the arrows near the digits indicate increasing or decreasing trends in the current readings. Right below, the data on temperature is shown. At the bottom of the screen, there is a colorful scale for rating the comfort level in the room. Depending on the level of humidity, the pointer will move between "LOW" (under 40%), "OK" (Normal, 40–70%), and "HIGH" (over 70%) zones.

Key features:

  • Accurate temperature and humidity readings at the measurement locations
  • The limit values are displayed on the screen
  • Arrows, indicating trends in decreasing and increasing values
  • Color-coded comfort level scale

The kit includes:

  • Thermohygrometer
  • User manual and warranty card
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