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Field of application: air pressure measuring, temperature measurement, weather forecast, wake-up alarm, time information, severe weather warning

Indoors, outdoors
Usage location
Thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, clock, alarm clock, calendar
Data and parameters measured by the device
Wireless, digital, wall mounted, tabletop
Design of the measuring device

Product ID 74660
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty 2
EAN 4007922052670
Package size (LxWxH) 20x20x9
Shipping Weight 0.45

The Bresser TemeoTrend WF really deserves to be called a weather station. You don't have to be satisfied with only temperature and humidity (each for inside and outside). The TemeoTrend WF features numerous meteorological data at one glance. Thanks to the LCD display which is arranged in 5 sections, the clarity is granted despite of the abundance of information. The symbolic depiction of the current weather, temperature, humidity and weather trend as well as of the indoor climate and moon phases is intuitive.


  • Weather forecast
  • Temperature trend
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Date and time
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Moon phases
  • Tides
  • Climate indicator
  • General weather conditions (symbolized by a weather forecasting frog)
  • Temperature and frost warning
  • Dual alarm time

The kit includes:

  • Main station
  • Remote sensor
  • Manual
Product ID 74660
Brand Bresser GmbH, Germany
Warranty 2
EAN 4007922052670
Package size (LxWxH) 20x20x9
Shipping Weight 0.45
Usage location indoors, outdoors
Type weather station
Built-in features thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, clock, alarm clock, calendar
Design wireless, digital, wall mounted, tabletop
Application for home use
Air analyzer
Units of measurement mbar/hPa
Measuring range from 800hPa to 1100hPa
Special features display of atmospheric pressure changes for the last 12 hours
Hygrometer (air humidity)
Units of measurement % (RH)
Measuring range 20% to 90%
Measurement resolution 1%
Thermometer (temperature)
Units of measurement °C
Measuring range indoors 0...+50 °C
Measuring range outdoors -20...+60 °C
Measurement resolution 0.1 °C
Clock (time/date/calendar)
Time format 12 hours, 24 hours
Alarm clock
Auto synchronization DCF (CET)
Special features alarm clock with snooze function, displays the phases of the Moon and the time of the sunrise and sunset
General specifications
Screen type monochrome
Number of screens 1
Radio signal frequency, MHz 433
Radio signal radius, m 30
Power supply weather station: AA batteries, 1.5V – 4 pcs. (not included), outdoor sensor: AAA batteries, 1.5V – 2 pcs. (not included)
Body plastic
Body color white
Overall comfort level estimation
Weather trend is available
Weather trend for the next 6 hours
Wireless sensor
Household and professional Bresser Weather Stations (20.04.2020)
These modern wireless gadgets allow for learning quickly about the weather and tracking temperature and humidity at home
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