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A modern microscope digital camera

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The Levenhuk M800 PLUS Digital Camera for microscopes was designed for professional work with microscope samples. The camera offers broad options in taking photos and videos. The 8-megapixel sensor gives the camera an image resolution of 3264x2448 pixels and high-quality video at 30fps rate. The Levenhuk M800 PLUS camera is suitable for hobbies, studies and work.

The camera is installed in place of the microscope eyepiece and can be used as a digital eyepiece. After installing the special software that comes with the device, the camera can transfer the image to your computer in real time. The software allows you to select the shooting mode and process images and videos after recording.

The Levenhuk M800 PLUS Digital Camera is compatible with microscopes of any brand. The adapters included in the kit allow you to install the camera in eyepiece tubes of different diameters. This way you do not have to buy anything to use the camera with different microscopes.

The kit includes a CD with special software that allows you to edit previously saved images: zoom them, crop them, change the contrast, and so forth.

To ensure the best possible performance of your new camera, make sure your computer complies with the system requirements specified by the manufacturer. Compatible OS include Mac, Linux, and Windows. A USB 2.0 port is required to establish a connection. If the software does not run on your computer, please contact us and specify your operating system and its version (for Linux: platform and kernel version).

The latest version of Levenhuk Software for Windows supports eight languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Levenhuk Digital Camera is compatible with microscopes of 23.2mm eyepiece tube diameter. The camera can also be mounted on eyepiece tubes of 30 and 30.5mm diameters using adapters, included in the kit.

The kit includes:

  • Levenhuk microscope digital camera
  • Adapter (23.2mm)
  • 2 adapters for microscopes with different diameters of an eyepiece tube (23.2–30mm and 23.2–30.5mm)
  • USB cable for connection to PC or laptop and power supply
  • Installation CD with Levenhuk image editing software and the required drivers
  • User manual and lifetime warranty
Maximum resolution3264x2448
Sensor1/2.5" CMOS
Pixel size1.67x1.67
Sensitivity, v / lux.sec @ 550 nm0.31
Exposure time, ms0.4–2000
Video recordingyes
Frame rate, frames per second@resolution1.9@3264x2448
Active range, dB65.2
Applicationeyepiece tube of 23.2mm diameter, instead of the actual eyepiece
Image format*.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif
Video formatrecording: *.wmv, *.avi, *.h264 (Win 8 or later), *h265 (Win 10 or later)
Spectral range380–650 (built-in infrared filter)
Method of exposureERS (Electronic Rolling Shutter)
White balanceauto/manual
Exposure controlauto/manual
Software featuresimage size, brightness, exposure time
USB featuresUSB 2.0, 480 Mb/sec.
System requirementsWindows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac OS X, Linux, CPU IntelCore 2 or above; RAM 2GB, USB port 2.0, CD-ROM
Power supplyvia USB 2.0 cable
Operating temperature range, °C, °F–10... 50°C; 14... 122°F
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