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A spider under a microscope: photos and peculiarities of studying the slide


Insects and arachnids are very entertaining objects for examining under a microscope. Everything is interesting to observe: fly wings, dragonfly eyes, ant legs. The world of crawling and flying creatures can captivate your attention for days and even for weeks. For example, a spider under a microscope looks like an alien (you can see a photo of its eyes above). At magnification of several dozen, you can observe fur on its body, and at 1000x magnification you can examine its jaws and the small claws on its legs.


You can observe spider eyes under a microscope at 50x magnification and higher. You can see its front eyes and secondary eyes. Did you know that some spiders have a dozen eyes? You can study them even under a kid’s microscope.

Spider leg under a microscope looks very much like other arachnids’ legs. At low magnification, you can see separate hairs; at high magnification, you can see small claws that help a spider move quickly around a web.

You can find some parts of a spider body in prepared slides. However, we recommend observing a live arachnid. It is especially interesting to observe a spider eating or weaving a web. It is easy to observe a spider eating: a spider usually stands still and you can quickly focus on it.

You can use digital microscopes to study spiders under a microscope, and to create photo- and video records of your research. Digital microscopes will help your save every exciting moment! If you have trouble choosing an appropriate model, ask our shop assistants for advice. Contact us, and we will help you!

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