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Bresser telescopes are made at the factory of Bresser, a German company. The model range is being regularly updated and improved. Most telescopes are designed for beginner astronomers and amateurs, plus there is also a Bresser Junior series developed specifically for children. German Bresser telescopes are primarily about the quality of optics: All lenses and mirrors are only made of coated optical glass.

Bresser telescopes for great prices

Bresser telescopes are intended for users of all levels: From children to professional astronomers. The company pays a lot of attention to the selection of mounts: for beginners – alt-azimuth mounts; for amateurs and professionals – equatorial mounts; for anyone – computer-guided mounts. Bresser product range includes achromatic refracting telescopes, Newtonian reflectors, and catadioptric (reflecting-refracting) telescopes. Great optics, simple tuning, ample functional opportunities of Bresser telescopes altogether mean German quality at an affordable price.

Bresser Junior series telescopes are a perfect choice to have a taste of astronomy. High-quality optics is quite comparable to the optics of “adult” telescopes, compact size, low weight, and simple control are convenient for young space lovers.

Bresser beginner models are simple to assemble and set up. To study the Moon and the Solar System planets, it is recommended to use refractors, and to observe deep sky objects – reflectors.

We suggest telescopes of the Bresser Messier series, which includes both refractors and reflectors, for experienced users. Bresser Messier telescopes are complete with equatorial mounts and may be used for astrophotography.

Bresser National Geographic line is manufactured in association with National Geographic, a scientific and educational organisation. Bresser National Geographic telescopes are suitable for all ages and levels of competence.