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Bresser microscopes are high-quality optical devices for a wide spectrum of tasks. All models feature great optics and reliable assembly. Bresser manufactures optical and digital microscopes that meet all the requirements of state-of-the-art optical equipment.

Wide range of Bresser microscopes in the Levenhuk online shop

Beginner biological models are intended for children and teenagers to have a taste of microworld. Such microscopes have a simple design and reliable mechanical parts. A Bresser biological microscope of a higher level may be used by biology students or health care professionals. In addition, the website features professional biological microscopes for laboratory studies.

The main feature of Bresser LCD microscopes is an LCD-screen in place of an eyepiece. Such microscopes are very convenient for group research, when observation results are of interest for many people. This microscope is handy to keep observation archives: You can record any moment in the microscope’s memory or memory stick. A Bresser LCD microscope can record both videos and photos.

Bresser digital microscopes are portable and stationary devices that enable not only real-time slide examination, but also saving enlarged images for further work. Moreover, digital models are complete with special photo processing software. Photos made using a Bresser microscope may be sent to a PC hard disk through a USB-cable.

The Bresser Junior microscope line is designed specifically for primary and secondary school-age children. These microscopes feature simple management and extensive package.

The company’s range also includes cheap microscopes which will be the right ones for beginner users. They include beginner level optics, plastic housings and basic functions. However, they are still capable of fascinating everyone making their first steps on this journey into science.