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Levenhuk binoculars are among the most popular in Poland


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We are thrilled to share some amazing news with you! A popular Polish web resource made a ranking of the top 10 most popular binoculars available in Polish stores. Four Levenhuk models made this list: Levenhuk Bruno PLUS 20x80, Levenhuk Atom 20x50, Levenhuk Karma PLUS 12x42, and Levenhuk Karma PLUS 8x42 Binoculars. These are excellent modern optical instruments at affordable prices.

The Levenhuk Bruno PLUS 20x80 are astronomical binoculars, which are ideal for observing the Moon, planets of the solar system, and meteor showers. The five-element eyepieces ensure the contrast and sharpness of the image, while the nitrogen-filled aluminum body protects the optics from water.

The Levenhuk Atom 20x50 are universal binoculars for star gazing. The rubber-covered housing protects the optics from moisture and dust, while the high-quality Porro prisms and 50mm objectives provide a sharp and bright image in natural colors, magnifying it up to 20 times.

The Levenhuk Karma PLUS 12x42 model uses a roof prism and optics made of high quality BaK-4 glass. The binoculars are filled with nitrogen that prevents fogging. The 42mm objectives provide a clear image with natural colors, offering 12x magnification.

The Levenhuk Karma PLUS 8x42 compact binoculars are created for everyone who actively spends time outdoors. The binoculars are equipped with a rubberized waterproof body that protects the optics from damage. The BaK-4 glass optics with multi-coated 42mm objectives ensure a clear and sharp image.

Levenhuk brand produces optical instruments made of the best quality material. Levenhuk optics has been present on the Polish market since 2013 and has been very popular among amateur and professional users alike.