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eu.levenhuk.comNews → The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing!

The list of Levenhuk dealers in Europe is growing!


The Levenhuk dealer network is expanding even more!

Now, Levenhuk products have become more accessible to Bulgarian customers.


Since 1997, the company has been selling and delivering sporting goods. Since 2000, it has been an online store of fitness equipment. You can buy exercise machines, cosmetic devices, swimming pools, massage seats, grills, and inflatable boats.

Address and contact information:
София ул. Твърдишки проход 1
Phone: 0988362441

2) represents an online store of equipment and outfits for outdoor activities: hunting, mountaineering, camping, and horseback riding. A wide range of hunting knives, sleeping bags, stone products, action cameras, travel clothing, and more is presented.

Address and contact information:
Phone: 0899868818
Address: България, гр. Пловдив, ул. Тодор Александров 76


In Vision Class optics, you will find the whole assortment of products and services for the complete protection and correction of your eyes. The company provides computer diagnostics for vision checking and the manufacture of precision glasses or high-tech lenses.

Address and contact information:
Phone: 087 756 5465
Address: Варна бул. "Цар Освободител" № 37Б


The company BEHI was founded in 1996 in the city of Kardzhali. Over the years, it has gained and strengthened its leading position in the market of services. The company is engaged in document translation, customs representation, currency exchange, and stationary trade. Currently, BEHI is a large company that meets the needs of thousands of clients.

Address and contact information:
6300 Хасково, ул. Г. С. Раковски 1, партер
тел.: +359 38 62 33 72

Make sure to check the list of dealers for updates – our vast dealer network covers most European countries, the United States, Canada, and Asia. Find the closest and most convenient location to make your shopping experience with Levenhuk even more pleasant and satisfactory.

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