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eu.levenhuk.comNews → Levenhuk became a partner in the “Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” project

Levenhuk became a partner in the “Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” project


Dear visitors and customers!

“Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” is a joint project conducted by GalileoMobile and Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR). This project is devoted to astronomy and takes place in Cyprus. It was named after the constellation Columba, in which the dove symbolizes peace.

The main goal is to spark the interest of young people in the world around them, science, and space. In addition, they use astronomy as an instrument for promoting the importance of communication and culture of peace, where a world without violence is the priority.

The team, consisting of astronomy volunteers, teachers, and specialists in science work, conducts educational astronomy events. Their activity is aimed at developing a sense of belonging and global citizenship in children who live on the island all “under the same sky”.

Levenhuk Inc. supported the project and provided Meade Infinity 80mm and Meade Infinity 60mm Telescopes for the schools that participated in this program. Astronomy is making the world a better place, and we are proud that we are contributed to this endeavor!

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