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New and updated special offers in the Levenhuk online store


Dear visitors and customers!

We are excited to launch new special offers for you! Find all of our special offers in this section.

Special offer on Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS color microscopes

The “Invisible World” Knowledge book comes free with any purchase of the Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS series microscopes. A colorful educational book is a great addition to a bright microscope with excellent optics. A beginner explorer will learn many interesting facts about the micro world and enjoy the illustrations.

Special offer on Levenhuk Skyline Travel and select Meade telescopes

Purchase any telescope in the Levenhuk Skyline Travel series and get the “Space. Unempty emptiness” Knowledge book” FREE! This knowledge book is a perfect match to these excellent telescopes and comes in useful for entry-level observers. It contains information on the planets of the Solar System, many celestial objects, space observations recommendations, and more.

Special offer on Levenhuk Sherman PLUS and PRO binoculars

Levenhuk Star Sky Z20 Umbrella comes free with the purchase of any binoculars in the Levenhuk Sherman PLUS and Levenhuk Sherman PRO series. Get a perfect duo of reliable waterproof binoculars and an umbrella with a space-themed print. This umbrella boosts your mood on a cloudy day!

Special offer on Levenhuk SkyMatic Telescopes

Levenhuk Atom 10x25 Binoculars come FREE with any purchase of Levenhuk SkyMatic Telescopes. Do not miss an opportunity to try a compact optical tool. Any tourist, traveler, or walking enthusiast will enjoy observations with these binoculars.

Special offer on Levenhuk Nelson monoculars and binoculars

An indispensable Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for Binoculars and Cameras comes FREE with any purchase in the Levenhuk Nelson Monocular or Binoculars series. This new accessory prevents binoculars, a monocular or a camera from sinking, and allows you to carry an optical tool on your shoulder.

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