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Today we have great news to share with our customers from France! This month, one more new dealer has been added to our wide and constantly growing worldwide dealer network. Now we have our first dealer in France, which leads to even more convenient and fast shopping for the country’s residents.

If you like spending time outdoors and are looking for quality hunting and fishing equipment, then is a great place to shop! Now the store offers a wide selection of Levenhuk optical products – high-quality Levenhuk Atom, Karma, and Sherman binoculars, compact Levenhuk Wise monoculars, and gorgeous Levenhuk Broadway opera glasses. The full assortment of Levenhuk goods available at can be found through this link.

The full list of our dealers is available on this page. Look for Levenhuk dealers and branch offices in your location, and experience our fast, friendly and attentive service!