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Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun

Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun Telescopes are portable models convenient to take with you on a trip or a walk. These refractors feature lightweight tubes, lightweight altazimuth mounts and aluminum tripods. Even a child will figure out how to operate Skyline Travel Sun Telescopes. These optical tools come with a convenient branded backpack that will easily hold a tube, a mount, a tripod and all accessories. This series features a solar filter in the kit. Never look at the Sun without a protective aperture filter. Always make sure a solar filter is tightly fixed on the telescope tube. The filter should cover the objective lens completely. While observing the Sun, cover the finder scope with a protective cap or remove it in order to prevent accidental damage to your eyes. A series of portable telescopes by Levenhuk. The series includes lightweight and compact refractors on altazimuth mounts with branded backpacks in the kit. These telescopes are simple to operate and do not require setup.
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Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 70 Telescope

Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 70 mm. Focal length: 400 mm

Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 70 Telescope is a compact refractor for long walks and traveling. It features a 40 cm long optical tube and a 70 mm aperture. The kit includes a convenient branded backpack large enough for a ...More
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