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All Telescope Eyepieces

Additional Levenhuk Eyepieces are a great opportunity to see much more than the standard kit allows. If the maximum effective magnification of your telescope exceeds the capabilities of the standard eyepieces, consider purchasing additional eyepieces. They will help you use your telescope to the fullest.
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Levenhuk Plössl 7.5 mm Eyepiece image

General-purpose eyepiece for any telescope

Levenhuk Plössl Eyepieces are fit for any observation and compatible with any telescope. One of the most commonly used models, Levenhuk Plössl 7.5 mm Eyepiece—with fully multi-coated optics—delivers a crisp, sharp, and b...More
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Meade WA Aspheric Eyepiece Set

Generous 62-degree apparent field of view

Meade's WA (Wide-angle Aspheric) Eyepiece Starter Set includes 4mm, 10mm & 23mm Aspheric Eyepieces with a standard 1.25" barrel size to accommodate most telescopes. Features fully-coated optics for enhanced image contras...More
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Meade Series 5000 Mega WA 26mm 2'' Eyepiece

Generous 100-degree apparent field of view

The right eyepiece can make or break any telescope. After all, why squint through a tiny pinhole when you can linger at a dramatic window on the universe and examine every detail? Meade Series 5000 eyepieces offer revolu...More
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Levenhuk Kellner 6.3 mm Eyepiece photo

Three-element eyepiece coated to reduce reflections

Levenhuk Kellner Eyepieces deliver images with minimum chromatic aberrations. The 3-element system of achromatic lenses provides a crystal-clear image across the field of view at minimum cost. The fully multi-coated opti...More
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Levenhuk Super Plössl 7.5 mm Eyepiece photo

General-purpose eyepiece for any telescope

The Levenhuk Super Plössl 7.5 mm Eyepiece delivers sharp views and reduces the effects of spherical aberrations, distortion, and astigmatism. The twist-up rubber eyecup allows for comfortable observations with or without...More
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Extend your telescope’s capabilities with Levenhuk telescope eyepieces

Every avid astronomer needs a comprehensive set of telescope eyepieces for all occasions. Depending on the purpose of your observation you can choose the eyepiece for your telescope that will meet all your needs and requirements.

In case you demand geometrically correct and bright views across the field of view during your visual observations, and if contrast and field of view are not as important, Plössl eyepieces are the perfect choice for you. If you are a comet hunter, Levenhuk SuperView Eyepiece is what you are looking for. With this telescope eyepiece you will be able to observe even dim extended objects. Levenhuk Kellner eyepieces are perfect tools if you want to observe nebulae. Levenhuk LET Eyepieces are invaluable for observations of the Moon and Solar System planets at high power.

Most of the Levenhuk telescope eyepieces have a 1.25'' barrel diameter so they can be used with most telescopes of different manufacturers. In our store you can also find models with 2” barrel diameters; check the specification table of the eyepiece you are interested in prior to ordering.

Fairly large eye relief and soft twist-up rubber eyecup provide incredible comfort during your observation. Functionality of Levenhuk eyepieces can be extended through the use of standard size filters. Color optical filters can significantly enhance your experience during planetary observations.

We guarantee the highest quality of Levenhuk telescope eyepieces. Optical elements are made of quality fully multi-coated glass. The optics create a sharp, bright, and crisp view with no aberrations. Maximize your instrument's efficiency with Levenhuk eyepieces for telescope!