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Check Your Refid

Every dealer receives a personal RefID (Reference Identifier) - a unique ID of your web-site. It may identify one of the pages of your web-site, or a web-site as a whole that contain links to our online store.

How does it work?
Whenever a client clicks a link on your web-site that leads to our online store (at, and his browser cookies are updated with your RefID. From now on, if a client makes a purchase - even a month hence, even if he goes directly to - you will be considered a reference for this purchase and the order will be counted toward your commission.

To see if it works:

- delete cookies in your browser settings;
- close the browser;
- open your web-site and navigate to from your web-site. You can browse the web-site as a client, choose something and place an order. Afterwards, close and re-open the browser.

Check your RefID on this web-page and make sure it hasn't changed.

Deleting cookies is very important, since if you have previously visited our online store, the system has already remembered you as a non-RefID visitor.

Even if your visitors do not store cookies in their browser, you will still get a commission, if the order is placed during the first visit, or shortly thereafter.

Your current visitor's refid-1